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When I came to do this update, I spent a while thinking what to title the web site itself. I wanted something snappy, it had to fit in the space available, it had to be relevant, but I didn’t want it to resemble corporate mission statements, which I detest or cheesy word puns that are sometimes excruciating. I chose “Constructing Images” because I’ve been involved with construction since starting university way back in 1977, but I’ve had a camera since 1969, long before I made the choices that led to a career.

I’m not going into the debate as to whether photography is art, too many words have been wasted on the subject already, however I’m going to use some to bemoan the division of people into “artists” and “non-artists”. At an early age most children are guided or divided into being one or another and if
like me you are put in the “non-artists” category, you can find it hard to break out.

If you’re an engineer like me or a scientist or any other work outside the artistic community, you’re not expected to create anything that might be considered as “arty” and if you’re in the “artist” category people can take exception to you making money out of your art.

For most of us in the “non-artists”, art is a hobby, for some of us it can take over everything else and for the lucky ones who can retire whilst they still have their health, faculties and the cash to support themselves, it can be a replacement for their working life. For me it is a hobby, I’d like to think I could take it further, but I know it’s unlikely. Anyway this web site provides a way for a bit of artistic showing off, some images will be of familiar sights, but some are not as
they’ve been taken at work - constructing things.

For the last twelve years  or so I’ve been making calendars containing images taken over the previous year, a number of these images are on the web site. This year’s calendar, for those lucky enough to have a copy mostly focuses on my trips to Russia and Andalucia, some of the pictures are featured on the pages recently added. Also added are pictures from my friends’ Jim and Steph’s wedding in September, which was fun.

I hope you find the pictures interesting. If you’d like to buy copies then please contact me, reasonable rates apply. Please don’t just rip the pictures off the web site, they are mine after all.

For a few more words and history see the next page.

© Tony Dawson 2010